Computer Virus Removal


James IT Solutions are experts in virus removal in Auckland. As well as this service we also specialise in, spyware and malware removal and expert installation of anti-virus software for your home or company in Auckland.

Our technicians can install either your chosen anti-virus software, or an anti-virus software recommended by us. We provide either in house service at our office location or mobile services wherever you require virus removal in Auckland. Our technician will verify that your anti-virus software is installed, fully updated and properly configured. We can then implement and schedule scanning processes and updates to ensure that viruses never reach your computer and networks easily in the future.

Viruses can wreak havoc on your systems and cause the loss of vital business or personal data. These sort of computer issues may also compromise the security of your personal information and documents. At James IT Solutions we endeavor to protect your home or business from any malicious software. Our virus removal techniques are professional and effective, giving you confidence in the safety of your computer and data.

We can help you with following, whether it is a home computer or a business computer.

  • virus removal
  • spyware removal
  • pop-up removal
  • adware removal
  • system performance tune-up

For further information about or virus removal services in Auckland, contact us to discuss pricing and our competent ability to help protect your computer and data.